Kidsmall Body Gym Exercise Cycle for Weight Loss at Home Price: 6,100.008,499.00 (as of 18/08/2021 14:19 PST- Details)

Body Gym Cycle : Portablre, Non-Motorize exercise cycle machine for home use. Electric mater displayed, time distance, calories burnd speed and scan manual tension knob for straight adjustment , argonomic adjustable reach arms with padded grips, steel frame construction easy to adjust seat and handle position.
Health Management : A half hour on stationary bicycle help up your daily calories burn. Burning a greater number of calories means that you will have an easier time managing your weight. Regular physical exercise helps you manage your weight, boost your immune system and reducing your risk of devloping chronic deseas.
Improve joint mobility : cycling helps in improving the range of motion of your joints ,knees , ankles and hip joint are affected by cycling.when you paddle all this joint rotate which is good for their range of motion and also become strong.

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